UVtek is an engineering company that reflects its innovative philosophy from designing to production, sales&marketing of each product and develops them with creative ideas.

Our guiding principal is to understand the need and complexity of our customers at each stage and to provide ‘‘absolute customer satisfaction’’. UVtek, uses its over than 25 years experience and know-how, to develop alternative solutions on UV Technologies and Finishing Systems, and thereby provides many advantages. Our company is a solution provider about Finishing and UV Curing Technologies, and provides service with our both producer and representative identity in a wide range, for Roller Coaters, Spraying Machines, UV and IR Drying Systems, UV Varnish and UV lamp. 

The main principle of UVtek family is improving customer satisfaction, therefore we are working closely with ink and varnish manufacture companies, as well printing companies to improve and develop our technology to the highest point.   

These are our references ,how about you ?